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Meet the Miniatures, Delvaux’s playful masterpieces of fine leather and artisanal savoir-faire. Decorative charms, they pay tribute to the international cities that Delvaux calls home.

Small in size, but generous in personality, these precious little bijoux are miniature versions of the Brillant, our emblematic shape created in 1958. Made using sophisticated techniques such as screen printing, embossing and UV silk screening, each Miniature tells its own story.

Showcasing cultural gems from Korea, Italy, Japan, the US and beyond, the Miniatures can be found exclusively on their home territory. Why not pick them up on your travels as you make your way across the globe? Perfect for collecting, they make for elegant and charming souvenirs.

The Miniatures Belgitude, the very first Miniatures ever made, are available in all Delvaux boutiques worldwide. Representing the many treasures of Belgium, Delvaux’s birthplace, they are the ultimate ambassadors of la Maison.