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Mythical Highway

The highway is where our journey begins. We’ll take it easy, windows down, California dreaming all the way to Zabriskie's point. As we cross the glowing west, the sand shifts in white and beige against a scorched earth. Driving hard, the engine roars and the desert opens itself up. Nothing is behind us and everything lies ahead.

The D Tote

The D Tote is a brand-new shape for day-to-day. Sleek and spacious, its beautiful heritage details include a D-shaped pocket, inspired by the iconic Pin.

Crafted with a textile lining, it’s a light and easy-to-carry leather tote, ideal for holding daily essentials, a laptop and more. Slim, comfortable handles ensure it slips easily over the arm or shoulder, while its generous interior includes a practical zipped pocket.

Decorative side laces and five timeless colours give this tote a charm all its own.

From gloss to matte

This season, our emblematic Camaieu effect plays with three different levels of shine. From ultra-glossy to matte, shades of timeless Smoke capture the light in different tantalizing ways, like the shimmering bonnet of a car. The three-tone look features on the Brillant Mini, the Tempête PM and the Tempête Small.

Deep Amethyst: the colour of desert sky

Mythical Highway presents Deep Amethyst, a dark violet shade as fathomless as the sky at the world’s end. Deep, mysterious and eternally elegant, it appears on the Pin Daily, So Cool Mini and the Tempête Small. It contrasts beautifully with the Brillant Mini, featuring sophisticated optic white stitching.

Savoir-Faire & Stitching

Graphic hand stitching in optic white sets the pace on the Brillant MM and Mini. Inspired by the steering wheel of a fine collector’s car, the Flywheel design punctuates the Brillant’s outline, beautifully contrasting against a deep British green.

A stand-out ivory embroidery on the Tempête MM in black Supple calf leather, elegantly plays with decorative details, to stunning effect. Like an icon caught glowing in the headlights.