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20 January 2022

Delvaux Celebrates 10 Years in China with ‘Beijing Stories’

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To celebrate its 10 years in China, Delvaux releases its City Series short film – ‘Beijing Stories’. Following the success of its ‘New York Stories’ (directed by Francesco Carrozzini, starring Courtney Love, Chanel Iman, Asia Chow and Nell Diamond), this is the first film shot in the Asia Pacific region paying homage to Beijing city, celebrating heritage and la Maison’s decade-long journey in China.

‘Beijing Stories’ made in collaboration with rising star filmmaker Mai Zi, features an all female Beijing cast -- Berlin International Film Festival Best actress Yong Mei, leading actress Liu Shishi, and China’s most promising young star Wen Qi – exploring the spirit and charm of the city through the perspectives of these three generations of incredible women. Renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and heritage, Delvaux kicks off the new year paying homage to Beijing and showcasing its culture, essence and vibrancy.

From the majestic centuries-old Drum Tower, to the quaint and serene Temple of Wisdom, then to the bustling and modern China World district, Beijing, the splendid capital of China, is a masterful blend of tradition and modernity, heritage and innovation. This alluring ancient capital has developed a unique urban charm amidst China's rapid change and at the same time bearing witness to Delvaux's visionary decade-long journey in China.

“Delvaux strolls the world and loves to connect cool and brilliant women. It is about them and the city where they live in, Beijing this time. They enjoy to share their intimate links with the city as an invitation to come and enjoy its inner beauty and its beat.” —— Jean–Marc Loubier, CEO of Delvaux.

"Sometimes she is a wise elder, sometimes she is a vibrant youth." In Yong Mei's eyes, Beijing is timeless.

"The past and the present, heritage and innovation, always contrasting yet co-existing. Because of this fusion, she also becomes more alluring and cannot be defined. " To native Beijinger, Liu Shishi, Beijing is particularly charming as she is accepting and inclusive.

"I look forward to each person I pass and each experience, just like anticipating the future with its endless opportunities. You will feel that everything is possible and can be life changing." For Wen Qi, who first came to Beijing to study, the city is filled with vitality and infinite possibilities.

"In this film, we portray how traditional and modern Beijing are interwoven; the transmission of culture and heritage of this city. In this respect Delvaux is very similar to Beijing. With the coming of Chinese New Year, Delvaux and I hope to pay homage to heritage and transmission with this film. " Discussed Mai Zi of her premise for the film, emphasizing the essence of heritage.