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The story of Léonce begins with a sentimental gift, an heirloom. Passed down by Léonce, an artist, to her granddaughter Julie, who happened to work at Delvaux. Inside the bag, which her grandmother used to store her paintbrushes, paint stains. It became her favourite piece, taking her all over the world.The design studio fell in love with it, transforming it into an instant modern icon. The rest is history.

Who’s That Girl?

The Léonce’s distinctive, slender shape is unlike anything else in the Delvaux universe. The new silhouette, a love letter to the pochette, sealed with the signature D-shaped brass buckle, pays homage to a spirited, yet refined 70s attitude.

    To Know Her is to Love Her

    Crafted in Opera Calf, the Léonce applies one of the rarest and most precious leathers in Delvaux’s repertoire to an inherently relaxed silhouette, elevating it to the extraordinary.

    The collection is anchored by an oversized clutch, elegant yet casual, and includes a shoulder bag in two sizes. An eloquent ode to legacy and style with purpose, we think it would have made Léonce proud.